Book reviews, health and politics, etc.

1. Book reviews Over at Spiked, Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick has two book reviews; one we’ve read (Velvet Glove Iron Fist) and another one that looks as promising (Geoffrey Kabat’s Hyping Health Risks). (See The anti-smoking ‘truth regime’ that cannot be questioned:Two new books expose how epidemiology has been used as a tool of propaganda in the […]

This just isn’t helping…

I suspect that most pediatricians are smarter than their patients, however….. Once again a medical organization, and in specific, a trained doctor is dispensing false information. (Full link to AAP Calls for Tobacco-Free Environments for All Children). There is no safe way to use tobacco and no safe level or duration of exposure to secondhand […]

Velvet Glove Iron Fist

Subtitled A History of Anti-smoking, Christopher Snowden‘s book Velvet Glove Iron Fist is perhaps the best ever written on this subject, at least the best I have read. Entertaining as well as informative, this book should be in every library. (See the Velvetglove website for excerpts). Though harm reductionists and anti-tobacco activists share the goal […]

ASH-UK on electronic cigarettes

Good news from across the pond where Action on Smoking and Health (UK) has released a smart briefing on electronic cigarettes and reiterate their pro harm reduction stance. (Link here to ASH pdf.) ASH supports a harm reduction approach to tobacco, that is, we recognise that whilst efforts to help people stop smoking should remain […]

Opposing Tobacco Control Dogma Means You Must Be a Paid Industry Hack

The above headline comes from a recent Michael Siegel posting (see here). It also demonstrates that many anti-smoking advocates are willing to make personal attacks, accusations, and insinuations — even against their own colleagues — without any evidence whatsoever to support these insinuations. The colleague in question has provided not a shred of evidence of […]