This just isn’t helping…

I suspect that most pediatricians are smarter than their patients, however….. Once again a medical organization, and in specific, a trained doctor is dispensing false information. (Full link to AAP Calls for Tobacco-Free Environments for All Children).

There is no safe way to use tobacco and no safe level or duration of exposure to secondhand smoke, said David T. Tayloe, Jr., MD, immediate past president of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

No level of safety in tobacco is a time honoured piece of nonsense which was even repeated by former Surgeon General Richard Carmona. Let’s just say that 1. though nothing is 100% safe 2. at some levels of exposure anything can approach near enough to safety to be considered indistinguishable from safe.

It is not enough that the dangers of second hand smoke have been exaggerated and that this false construction has become an accepted truth but this has been taken to the absurdity that simply smelling smoke means that you are at risk. (And is it any surprise that we were then faced with the baleful spectre of third hand smoke? -curiously enough also emanating from a pediatrics journal.)

As well as repeating the never proven link between second hand smoke and SIDS (which as some writers have indicated is callous in its disregard for the already existing guilt of smoking parents who have lost infants to this still quite mysterious event) the good AAP goes on with:

Parents should ask about the tobacco use policies at their children’s schools and child care centers. There should be no tobacco use on the premises, whether or not children are present. If parents use tobacco, they can talk to their child’s pediatrician about how to quit – and even get help with quitting and accessing cessation therapies, services and resources.

After displaying this lack of knowledge and/or willful dissemination of misinformation, these are the last people I would go to for advice on quitting smoking.


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