Billionaire Banzhaf Bashes company over Retraction Request

Worth reading.

This (link to article here) piece from ElectronicCigaretteSpot is a description of the dispiriting business between the anti-smoking and pro-electronic cigarette folks over the absurd report filed in the Qatar Peninsula.

Those of us who have been in tobacco harm reduction for a while experience this as a deja vu of sorts, of the same story though differing in that so far the anti-smoking groups do not (yet) have the full imprimatur of the legal apparatus at their disposal. They have to restrict their attack to actual arguments which cannot hide behind blind regulations. And there the limitations of their philosophy become embarrassingly evident.

Or, alternatively, its a hell of a good story, well told.

(Tip of the hat to James at Ashtray for bringing this to my attention.)


2 thoughts on “Billionaire Banzhaf Bashes company over Retraction Request

  1. I’m very glad to see you liked it. I just can’t stand double talk and straight out lies. No matter which side of an issue you are on.

    Argue the points, argue the facts, argue the truth. But Banzhaf has made a career and billions of dollars off doing none of those things and it annoys me.

    Unfortunately, with his big pharma backers and his bit tobacco suit war chest, he’s got the funding to get his “opinion” out to the masses, while the e-cig supports don’t.

    If there is one guy you should not be listening to or trusting, it’s John Banzhaf. I hope i pointed out all the reasons why in that article.

  2. I agree it was a great post – and you pointed out our mistakes very gently! (Tobacco specific nitrogens instead of nitrosamines!)

    Still waiting for ASH to respond to our direct challenge to actually address the issues. I believe Professor Siegel also issued the same challenge, and was also ignored.

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