Proposed UK legislation based on perception rather than reality

Thanks to Kate over at, I was alerted to this proposed UK legislation regarding ecigarettes. That any anti-ecigarette moves are taking place in the UK is particularly disturbing since it appeared to be free of the nonsensical opposition in many other parts of the world. The excerpt reads: “The inability to easily distinguish between […]

Health ignored in smoking policy: part 2

Two somewhat unconnected stories but on the same theme. 1. Requiring cigarettes to be fire safe compliant. There is no doubt that cigarettes do start fires and there is nothing wrong with looking for solutions to this problem.  However, in the numbers game, the effects of smoking on the health of smokers still far outweighs […]

Reasonable tobacco control actions would show some concern for health

It never ceases to amaze me how so many tobacco control measures and arguments seem to ignore the fact that smoking is unhealthy. For instance, it is no secret that when you are trying to get someone to substitute behaviors or products, it is not enough simply to say it is healthier. (Not that we […]

New Jersey blocks the fire exits…

TRENTON — The New Jersey Senate has approved a bill that restricts the sale and use of electronic cigarettes. The bill expands the definition of “smoking” to include e-cigarettes and extends the ban on smoking by minors to include them. Electronic cigarettes look like the real thing but don’t contain tobacco. Instead, they employ a […]

Anybody up for a class action suit against Banzhaf?

In a recent press release, John Banzhaf is encouraging any and all to pursue legal actions against electronic cigarette distributors on the basis of them being presented as absolutely clean products when an FDA study found trace quantities in a few units of a small sample. These same contaminants have been found to be present […]