Is it safe?

Sometimes I feel like Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man where Laurence Olivier who plays the demented Nazi dentist keeps asking him “is it safe?” Tobacco harm reduction, and harm reduction in general operates on the principle of whether an action or substance is safer than another, not so much their absolute safety. One of the […]

Finland to ban smoking: 2

Still, the Finland move has engendered little response. You would have thought that anti-smoking groups would have been falling over themselves to endorse this move. You would have expected another crazy John Banzhaf press release by now. (For the BBC article see here.) I am interested in seeing the results of trying something like this. […]

Doctor dares to criticize tobacco control

CBC reports in Smoking Defended by Quebec Doctor (link to article here) that psychiatrist Jean-Jacques Borque is of the opinion that smoking can be a comfort to the deeply depressed, that the dangers of second hand smoke are overblown and that smokers are under an unreasonable amount of pressure to quit. What is most illustrative […]

Ethics laid waste by tobacco cessationists once again…

You’d think we’d have little to do. Smokers are still dying, there is a safer alternative (the safety well supported by the scientific evidence) for those who cannot or do not wish to quit nicotine, and this alternative (smokeless tobacco) is almost as easy to buy as cigarettes. But for some reason, self described care […]