PLOS likes to use the word science but doesn’t exactly like what it stands for

Just yesterday I placed onto our website a link to an article published by the Public Library of Science by Simon Chapman on unassisted cessation. If you had to draw up sides on tobacco harm reduction Chapman would seem to be somewhat against and the PLOS neutral but that had nothing to do with my […]

Third hand smoke: should we bother?

Once again third hand smoke has reared its pea brain head and once again we all rise to the bait. (See recent postings by Michael Siegel, Christopher Snowden, and myself). Not so much the challenge since the challenge is not the concept or the science, which are laughable, but the iteration through the culture. Were […]

FDA getting its priorities straight?

This showed up in this article about one of the first moves of the FDA in this new capacity. “CTP (which is the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products) is concerned that children and adolescents may find dissolvable tobacco products particularly appealing, given the brightly colored packaging, candy-like appearance and easily concealable size of many of […]

New Look

Welcome to the new look of the THR blog. I hope that no one was too attached to the old look and cannot promise that this will not change every now and then. What drove this particular change is that the old format with the narrow column not only made short posts seem long but […]

If car driving had been treated like smoking

Imagine for a moment if concern over traffic death and injury had been treated the same way that smoking related death and disease has been. 1. The main cause of traffic deaths is driving. The optimal means to eliminate this danger is to stop driving. However, though there are alternatives, driving is so basic to […]

Is Britain about to ban e-cigarettes?

Disturbing news out of Britiain via James at Ashtray Blog. It seems that the British version of the FDA, the MHRA or Medicines and Heathcare products Regulatory Agency has opened a consultation on e-cigarettes which most likely is a preamble to regulation which could be interpreted in such a manner as to effectively result in […]

The battle is not between public health experts and tobacco companies..

In the Business section in the NYT this weekend, Duff Wilson and Julie Creswell put together a more balanced article than ever would have been accepted in the same paper’s Health section. (You might recall that this was perhaps the most prominent newspaper uncritically repeating the most inane tobacco nonsense of the last year if […]