Royal College of Physicians on Passive Smoking and Children

The Royal College of Physicians have just released their new report called Passive Smoking and Children and have already come under fire from Michael Siegel over at Rest of the Story and Chris Snowdon at Velvet Glove (writing about this BBC report on the report). This report was particularly discouraging to me because the RCP […]

Bill Godshall at Vapefest 2010

I would like to thank Bill Godshall from Smokefree Pennsylvania for letting me post his email regarding his experiences at Vapefest 2010. It is long but it is worth reading. -PLB This past Saturday morning I drove to Vapefest 2010 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Fredricksburg, VA to attend the world’s largest gathering (so […]

If he’s a statistician, why is the numerical reasoning in this press release so bad?

Half of this post is based on comments forwarded to me by Carl Phillips after I alerted him to this typical yet still outrageous press release from the inimitable yet wholly dispensible John Banzhaf (and I in turn have James Dunworth to thank for bringing it to my attention). I do have active tobacco alerts […]