Let’s say serendipitous or fortuitous instead..

A few days ago, Trinidad and Tobago’s Newsday reported on the arrival on their shores of the e-cigarette. It was, without a doubt, one of the more straightforward apolitical reports on ecigarettes in the news I have read anywhere. Just the facts and none of the moralizing (though some of it does read a little like product placement). Except for one small word in the header which may or may not have been the product of the author.

THE ELECTRONIC cigarette or E-cigarette has reached the shores of Trinidad and Tobago, ironically at a time when the Tobacco Control Act comes into effect to ban smoking in enclosed public spaces and reduce the effects of smoking on the public.

When you have a timely product that reduces the effects of smoking and allows you to enjoy it in smoking banned areas, I would call that serendipitous or fortuitous rather than ironic. What a great opportunity for smokers to switch to this safer alternative when its availability comes at the same time as a tobacco crackdown?

Now if we could get some of this tropical common sense into our Northern anti-health tobacco control thinking we might actually save a few lives.


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