I guess being a retired ballplayer means you can dispense medical advice…

Recently some health advice was given out most appropriately in the Baseball section of the NYT because coincidentally that is the first place I look for any expert help on how to improve the state of my health.

Joe Garagiola (they probably just forgot to mention his medical degree or equivalent background in some related area of health) held forth on how smoking was similar to jumping from a 50th story window and using smokeless tobacco was more like from a 25th story window. I guess both forms of tobacco use are more dangerous than I had thought with either case ending in certain death.

This struck close to home since a few of us wrote a paper about the absurdity of the falling metaphors used in discouraging people from switching to safer forms of nicotine (see our article in Harm Reduction Journal in 2006).

Of course, I wonder why you should even bother considering our position at all, since none of us are former professional baseball players.

Apparently the affable Joe is quite deprecating in regards to his previous career; if only he were as sensible when it comes to an area he has no training in.


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