Pork barrel science descends to new depths

Just a quick note on the latest call to wallow. Chris Snowden has all the relevant details over at Velvet Glove for those who enjoy the feeling of being both outraged and depressed at the same time. Third hand smoke has made the transition from being an unsubstantiated bit of nonsense, an extrapolation of whimsy, […]

Wichita smoking ban delay draws fire

Interesting things going on in Wichita these days which illustrate some inconsistencies in the anti-smoking movement. First, to clarify my own position, I am old enough to have experienced life when there were few smoking restrictions. I much prefer how things are now in general. I enjoy being free of the smell of stale smoke […]

Genetic components of tobacco use

Studies just published in Nature are reported here as: The study, published today in the online edition of Nature Genetics, analyzes detailed genotypic and smoking data from more than 130,000 participants. Both of the new SNPs are common, and in smokers each copy carried associates with a small increase in smoking quantity – about half […]

How bizarre for health conscious smokers to consider safer alternatives!

In a recent paper in Nicotine and Tobacco Research, called Consumer awareness and attitudes related to new potential reduced exposure tobacco product brands, Parascandola et al. write about the response to tobacco products being marketed as possibly safer products (referred to as PREPs). These would include anything from modified cigarettes to smokeless forms of tobacco. […]

Health organizations congratulate selves on sticking to quit or die approach

Today on PR Newswire Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, American Heart Association, American Lung Association and Legacy characterized this first anniversary of the FDA Tobacco initiative as a giant step forward. In any other area of health, this would have been accompanied by some mention of lives saved or fewer […]

If using safer alternatives to keep getting nicotine is like using condoms to keep having sex, why are smokers still getting screwed?

What is it that makes previously smart people abandon all their common sense and depart from their general worldviews when it comes to tobacco? Case in point: Henry Waxman. My first impression of Representative Waxman was overwhelmingly positive as a result of my first exposure to him being a report on politics and science that […]

FDA’s Lawrence Deyton at the Tobacco Merchants Association conference

A few weeks ago at the TMA (Tobacco Merchants Association) meeting in Virginia, Dr. Lawrence Deyton told a story in which he recounted his experience as the primary care physician for a veteran who almost died from battle injuries suffered in Vietnam, then AIDS (which ended in remission), then drug addiction and kidney disease, but […]