Authors, twitters, parodies and about the book

There have been two changes to our blog which may or may not have been quite apparent.

1. We now have our authors listed so if you have a preference for reading any over another just click on the name at the side. Also the author is indicated at the top of the post rather than by the signature at the end.

2. We now have a twitter feed on the side which we hope will entertain, amuse and inform. It is an experiment and will continue as long as there is interest, and that interest will be determined by how many followers we get so even though you can just read it on the side, we encourage you to sign up for our twitter feed just to give us a good idea of whether it is fulfilling a need.

3. Due to the success of our Health Canada parody, we will be doing these sorts of things on a regular basis. Of course, we are not quite ready to challenge the Onion but like the Onion, the layers of humour and cynicism are shallow skins over some uncomfortable truths. This too is a tool in our struggle to improve public health.

4. Finally, and this will come up again, we are both soliciting reviews and comments on our Tobacco Harm Reduction 2010 book, and also looking for submissions for the 2011 edition. If you have seen articles that you feel are substantial enough to be part of an annual review of the area, let us know via



For those who do not go to the “about me” for the twitter feed, and
for whom it is not obvious, we wanted to clarify: The entries are
written from the perspective of those who would deny the benefits of
THR, exaggerate the risks from low-risk nicotine products, and
otherwise damage the integrity of health science in reporting
misinformation about tobacco. Thus, the Quit or Kill faction (when
quit or die just is not fast enough). For those who follow twitter or
the news about it, you will recognize the inspiration is the
successful the BPGlobalPR parody, written as if it were coming from

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