Pork barrel science descends to new depths

Just a quick note on the latest call to wallow. Chris Snowden has all the relevant details over at Velvet Glove for those who enjoy the feeling of being both outraged and depressed at the same time.

Third hand smoke has made the transition from being an unsubstantiated bit of nonsense, an extrapolation of whimsy, to a very real expense to the taxpayer.

We often forget that we actually end up paying for this garbage. Third rate brains come up with ideas that any normal person would have discarded, such as cigarette butts being a substantial source of environmental degradation, and then come knocking at our door asking for our money to prove their case.

And we give it to them.

(By the way, third rate brains are like third hand smoke -the almost unmeasurable byproducts of second rate brains and found in seemingly unoccupied spaces).

– Paul L. Bergen

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