Designed to help you quit smoking

Recently on DesignTaxi, there was a write up on Erik Askin’s idea on redesigning cigarette packs to make the act of getting a cigarette annoying enough to improve the chances of quitting.

I think this is quite clever and a good option for those who think this might make the critical difference. I know that when I have habits or predilections that I am essentially ambivalent about that introducing or experiencing some impediment to those actions will be just enough to cause me to stop doing them. (I like doing the Sunday crossword puzzle but if the paper did not come to my door, how many obstacles would I overcome before I decided it wasn’t worth it?)

But unlike most areas of concern, when it comes to tobacco, interesting ideas can easily become absurd. What I predict is that someone will suggest that all cigarette packs should be redesigned to make smoking a pain.

Tobacco use might be the only area where actions designed for or aimed at people who do not wish to use (or be near) the product are considered reasonable to apply to those who do.

– Paul L. Bergen

5 thoughts on “Designed to help you quit smoking

  1. Interesting idea. Maybe we could apply it to the obesity problem as well. Create a law for all the McWhopperies of the land requiring that customers wait outside, standing, for a 20 minutes before their meal is ready. After all, it’s just 20 minutes in the brisk refreshing air away from all the grease fumes (many of these fast food joints cook their foods in the same enclosed building used by their workers and customers… we’re working on changing that but it may take a while…) and I’m sure many of the corpse-eaters will enjoy meeting others like themselves and striking up new friendships while their animals are being burned.

    Ahhh…. Sweet Progress!

    Michael J. McFadden
    Author of “Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains”

  2. I know there was a suggestion at one point of a surtax on the drive through with the idea it would get people at least walking from their cars to the counter (and maybe cut down on idling engines too).

    But all you need to do with food is make the energy required to get it come close to the energy you are taking in so fast food inside of metal containers that you would have to snip open or at the topside of a climbing wall or maybe just a hamster wheel as the first stage of the ordering process.

  3. Hamster wheel!! LOL! Beautiful Paul ! And you’d have to go over the climbing wall to get into the wheel!

    Who could object except Evil Big Food? A little exercise is no big thing, right?

    – MJM

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