Dogs and nicotine: ignoring the benefits

The Express UK headline Pet Lovers have the Filthiest Kitchen Floors ran above an article detailing how someone with a pet had bacteria levels about 20 times higher than someone without. Sounds impressive. On the other hand, according to an overview by Patricia Well in the British Journal of Health Psychology (V 12:1, Feb 2007: […]

FDA: Institutional culture a bad fit for dealing with tobacco

I have another post due up soon but in the meanwhile wander over to ep-ology where Carl has a thoughtful post on how the institutional culture at the FDA does not portend for the best when it comes to determining good tobacco policy. Excerpt: An institution that is used to being obeyed, and that does […]

MHRA stops threat to cigarette sales in Britain

The net has been buzzing with the release of this letter from trading standards officer Helen Wales informing that the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulation Agency (MHRA) is near the completion of its consultation and expects to apply a 21 day period for regulatory compliance for e-cigarettes in Britain after which if they have not […]