Researchers say not enough nicotine in alternative products

In the latest volume of Tobacco Control, among the many new strategies proposed by self described endgame visionaries, those who are skirting ever so closer to prohibition but dressing it up in more flattering wear, is a new paper evaluating various smokeless products as cessation aids. (Regarding the same volume, make sure to read Carl […]

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Really super article in the UK Maidenhead Advertiser titled TV chef’s staff told to butt out. I thought this was worth repeating in its entirety because it is so groundbreaking, so edgy, and cuts straight to the heart of so many contemporary issues. This is journalism at its finest. So sit yourself down (but not […]

Dual use is not an obstacle to tobacco harm reduction

In a recent article in Nicotine and Tobacco Research, Does Dual Use Jeopardize the Potential Role of Smokeless Tobacco in Harm Reduction? Kimberly Frost-Pineda et al investigate and discuss the ramifications of dual use (link to abstract). (First of all to get the terminology clear, dual use refers to the same individual sometimes smoking and […]

Worst e-cigarette article to date? And from a two time Pulitzer winner

I am not one for conspiracy theories but the events of the last month or so have me wondering if I should throw out my well worn rose coloured glasses. The FDA attack on flavored product and now with the letters to the major e-cigarette groups, and the recent American Heart Association policy statement (all […]

FDA effectively shutting down e-cigarettes

Tamping down the urge to simply rant and rage against this “regulatory wrath” I find myself somewhat at a loss regarding the legal niceties at play. I just cannot tell if the FDA is acting within or outside its jurisdiction. But even if they do have the power, this is just plain wrong. In January […]