FDA and Public Health: At cross purposes

Short one today…more a pointer at a couple of posts from elsewhere.

Over at Instead titled Can We Trust The FDA To Fairly Regulate E-Cigarettes? the point is made that considering that the FDA treats snus as if it is as dangerous as smoking, we must need worry about what they will end up doing with e-cigarettes.

And then Elaine Keller has a tale to tell about the FDA’s response to her suggestion to furnish retailers with comparative risk information. As part of their open public consultation, the FDA solicited ideas which the public could vote for. Hers ended up in a limbo of “awaiting moderation” which seems to portend that they have already decided the course and that they will only post suggestions that directly contribute to that course.

These are just a couple of more stories that can be added to the original issue of whether the FDA will really serve the public interest when it comes to tobacco and smoking. For a detailed discussion of this point see Carl’s post over at E-pology: FDA is behaving normally (unfortunately)

-Paul L. Bergen

One thought on “FDA and Public Health: At cross purposes

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