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Really super article in the UK Maidenhead Advertiser titled TV chef’s staff told to butt out.

I thought this was worth repeating in its entirety because it is so groundbreaking, so edgy, and cuts straight to the heart of so many contemporary issues. This is journalism at its finest.

So sit yourself down (but not for too long, bad for you you know -perhaps better just stand pat), take a firm grasp onto your hat, bestill your heart already beating in anticipatory fervor and read on.

Staff working at a celebrity chef’s restaurant have been smoking and leaving behind cigarette butts in a quiet churchyard, say Bray Parish councillors.

They say that Hinds Head employees have been using a bench in St Michael’s Church, to smoke, in a quiet spot used by recently bereaved families.

Cllr Christine Aspey said: “It is disrespectful and a misuse of the area.”

The issue was highlighted at a Bray Parish Council meeting on Monday after the clerk said the council had been approached by Heston Blumenthal’s company with an offer to replace the bench.

The council agreed it would not accept the offer because the company may feel that by replacing the bench, it would mean it owned it.

A ward councillor volunteered to contact the company and ask staff to not use the area.

Speaking yesterday, a Hinds Head spokesman said: “It was brought to our attention that Hinds Head staff were using a bench in St Michael’s Church during break period to smoke.

“This was immediately addressed by our management and stopped. We have offered to cover any repairs or renewal necessary and we are extremely sorry for any upset this has caused.”

I thought it prudent to provide an executive summary for those who either couldn’t make it through that intellectual thicket or who were just too enthralled to keep their eyes firmly on the page.

The story: 1. some people were smoking in an area where other people did not like it 2. they were asked not to 3. they apologized and left.

-Paul L. Bergen

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