Despite what they say, when it comes to tobacco, the CDC is not that concerned about your health

A fairly popular bit of press these days are variations on the CDC spin on the stall in smoking rates (as witnessed here in the Los Angeles Times); of course straight reporting on anything related to tobacco from within the borders of California is way too much to ask for; just take a look at […]

It’s sad when a phrase stands out simply for exhibiting common sense

A recent CBC article Bone drugs may raise throat cancer risk contained the following sentence: “Esophageal cancer is an uncommon cancer,” said Jane Green, a clinical epidemiologist at the University of Oxford, one of the paper’s authors. “Even a doubled risk is still a very small risk.” The article was about the possible negative effects […]

Residual tobacco smoke pollution in used cars for sale: more Nobel-worthy research

I was going to ignore any more of the 3rd hand smoke “research” for a while but this is just much too impressive a work of scholarship to pass up. And as much of the most important and well thought out tobacco related research, it comes out of California. Though I have not been able […]