Letting Africa take the hit

Recent WHO-FCTC declarations regarding restricting tobacco flavorings (and other additives) have raised considerable concern in the African burley growing countries (burley tobacco tends to be processed with additives). Their justification in their own words is One major cause for concern is flavourings and additives being widely used in cigarettes and other tobacco products to increase […]

Still no big picture vision at the CMAJ when it comes to tobacco

The Canadian Medical Association Journal has popped up in the news again and this time criticizing the government for delaying instituting new warning labels on cigarette packages. (Globe and Mail coverage here and original CMAJ editorial here). Essentially the story is that new labels have been developed but have not been rolled out which will […]

Deliberately dangerous: the continuing misinformation from the American Academy of Otolaryngology

When I joined this group, one of the first projects was to do a follow up to Carl’s seminal paper: You might as well smoke; the misleading and harmful public message about smokeless tobacco. That 2005 paper trolled the net to see what the dominant messages were regarding smokeless tobacco in comparison to smoking and […]

Overly precautionary: tobacco policy needs to return to the real world

There has been a subtle yet crucial shift in ideology which has led tobacco policies astray. Consider that the statement using tobacco can result in disease is markedly different from the statement using tobacco results in disease. The first recognizes that tobacco use is a risk factor and the second is a gross generalization. The […]