Dual use back in the news..and it could be very good news

Commenting on the latest MMRW, Doctors Lounge echoes other reports in raising concerns that the growing number of smokers also using smokeless tobacco could result in consumers having a harder time quitting altogether.

“The war against tobacco has taken on a new dimension as parts of the country report high rates of cigarette smoking and smokeless tobacco use among adults. The latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal disturbing trends in smoking prevalence as more individuals use multiple tobacco products to satisfy their nicotine addiction,” American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown said in a statement released Thursday. “No tobacco product is safe to consume. The health hazards associated with tobacco use are well-documented and a recent American Heart Association policy statement indicates smokeless tobacco products increase the risk of fatal heart attack, fatal stroke and certain cancers.”

Leaving aside the American Heart Association already being firmly opposed to harm reduction, there is another way of looking at this.

This could in fact be a snapshot of a transitional period in which smokers in ever greater numbers are switching over to smokeless tobacco. Usually the transition is one over time and in some cases the switch will happen in people that were not even intending to switch. They experiment with smokeless simply to either avoid smelling of smoke or to be able to use nicotine in a non smoking area and find with the freedom from some of the immediate health effects or from the ostracization that can accompany having a cigarette, end up using smokeless even when they could have a cigarette instead.

-Paul L. Bergen

3 thoughts on “Dual use back in the news..and it could be very good news

  1. I pretty much represent the transition you mention. A confirmed 43 year smoker who decided to give up quitting after years of trying just about every “approved” method available.

    First came dual use with cigarettes and E cigs. My cigarette habit of 2 to 3 packs a day changed to vaping and a half dozen smokes for about seven months. At that time I started using Swedish snus and still used E cigs, but smoked my last ciarette. That will be nine months ago on the 15th of November.

    Today, I still use four or five portions of snus, but only under certain social settings even pull out the E cig. I wish these organizations would actually use science instead of propaganda. I could have been off smoking decades ago with a little honesty.

  2. Every e-cigarette user I know who learns that smokeless tobacco products would have reduced our smoking-related health risks by 98% or more is outraged at the lies we have been told all these years. “I could have quit smoking decades ago, had I known the truth,” is the oft-repeated reaction. Thanks to the nicotine Nazis, we now have some lung damage that may not be self-correcting, and any smoke-related damage to our cardiovascular system is probably permanent as well. Many of the arrogant folks with MD and PhD behind their names like to pretend that there is no such thing as self-medication with nicotine so that they can tell themselves that they only want what is best for us. They are textbook examples of Borderline Personality Disroder.

  3. If there were any justice in the world, those individuals who had unceasingly campaigned against all the safer alternatives, and who knowingly spread this misinformation, and thus knowingly prevented some smokers from living instead of dying, should at the very least have lost their positions of influence.

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