Like candy to children

Experience helps determine perception. If you let a child have a whiff of ouzo, they would say its kind of like licorice allsorts. And you would be reprimanded for waving liquor in front of children.

If you take a group of children, have them smell some flavoured oral tobacco products and ask them what they think, they will say it smells like some kind of candy they are familiar with. (The better test would be to have them taste it but even though there is no real risk involved, that would be considered tantamount to child abuse, and the authorities would no doubt search high and low for some arcane statute to use to lock you up. But if they did taste it, they would be more likely to notice it was not really like the candy they would actually prefer.)

This most recent “study” (in English, study can also have the meaning of “stupid waste of time”) out of Utah, has state officials along with Santa (yes, really!) exposing children to these products and asking what they thought they were like.

Now, for those who are sticklers for the rules of evidence and such, no worries. This must generalize quite well to the population since all of three children were used but more importantly it did end up on television and online so it does qualify as good evidence that the tobacco companies are targeting children once again. Those bastards!

Actually, I would question whether these children are representative of the population since they seem to have accepted a rather unusual Santa.

Santa demonstrates danger of 'sweetened' tobacco products

Its a good thing it was not tobacco companies doing this study because that would qualify as enticement, but since anti-tobacco officials (and the jolly red fat man) were behind exposing these children to their first experience of tobacco and letting them know that these flavoured versions existed, just for them, it remains good public spirited tobacco control science.

Now, let’s blindfold those kids again and have them smell some fruit flavored sexual lubricants. If they do not identify them as sex aids and rather as candy, then we can be damn certain that those lubricant producers are targeting the child market. And mark my words, take those same kids a few years down the line, and they will be engaging in sex.

(Its laughable but could end up as tragic too since this sort of nonsense could actually lead to banning these products from adult users who otherwise would smoke.)

– Paul L. Bergen

5 thoughts on “Like candy to children

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  2. If you’re going to take a stab at a religion – make sure you get your points right. Latter Day Saints (Or, “mormons” you might call them) do make up a large part of the culture in Utah. They’re not the ones who believe in the 144,000 being saved – those would be the Jehovah Witnesses. Do a little more home work next time so that your insults can actually have some weight.

    • Thanks for catching that. I should have double-checked that and I hate to lose such a line but oh well…better to be correct. The minute I read your comment I knew I had made an error. I guess my slip indicates(and I don’t mean to offend here)that I was keeping the two sects in the same little box.

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