Nicotine condoms: the strangest smoking alternative yet

In these few days before the end of the year, we are seeing positive news with RJ Reynolds promoting switching to smokeless on their print ads and the Navy exhibiting more common sense than some of the rest of the armed forces when it comes to tobacco use. Perhaps it is the spectre of a Champix demented user with access to the means to make the world go bang, or simply the potential drop in attentiveness in someone trying to quit that led the Navy still to allow the use of smokeless tobacco aboard submarines.

And perhaps it is appropriate to follow up Carl’s parody post regarding fast food harm reduction with something not only absolutely true but even crazier. Yes, there is a nicotine condom being prepped for market from the Swedish company Pharmacia Latex Aktiebolaget who in the past has produced one with caffiene (I’d heard of make-up sex but not of this wake-up sex!). At any rate, they are putting the finishing touches on the product and it will be distributed through a company that specializes in putting corporate logos on condoms.

The news release at the Daily Loaf is written flippantly enough to be construed as fiction but I did the research to find this was no joke. Well, actually it was still a joke. But then today in my in box was another report of the same but this time even more fun as it was rewritten with substandard English skills resulting in a great start with the misleading headline of Nicotine Condoms: Smokeless Tobacco Substitutes. So we know that when a smoker is faced with a non smoking area but wants to partake they can use some snus but when the regulations become more stringent they can resort to slapping on that handy condom?

But rather than keep flying back and forth from the original, here is almost all of the article for your perusal:

These special condoms use lubricants that contain certain amount of nicotine thus provide same sensation of smoking. Nicotine in condom still endanger for user health, but because of its smokeless so not harm people around them.

The effect of nicotine condoms is not much different as nicotine gum and e-cigarette. Lubricants are sucked when making oral sex can meet the nicotine needs while addicted, without having to inhale tobacco smoke.

The same effects also experienced by his or her partner, although the nicotine not absorbed, condom still beneficial provide protect against the risk of sexually transmitted infections such as HIV/ AIDS.

Nicotine condoms was created by Pharmacia Latex Aktiebolaget, a Swedish company that often experimenting with its homemade condoms.

Questions that come to mind include:

1. Having sex and smoking are similar sensations? What have you been smoking or more importantly, what kind of sex have you been having?

2. Since these will not endanger the many other people around when you are having sex, it implies that normal condoms have some sort of second hand health risk, and then do we even want to contemplate the horrible idea of third hand condom effects?

3. So, who are these marketed for exactly, the wearer or the oral sex provider? Again, seems more complicated than pulling something out of your pocket. Does this mean you have to at least buy someone dinner to get your nicotine fix?

4. And finally, “home made condoms”? Is this a really small company?

– Paul L. Bergen

4 thoughts on “Nicotine condoms: the strangest smoking alternative yet

  1. Interesting. Pharmacia group was a swedish pharma company now part of Pfizer. Are there links between the condom manufacturer and the Champix provider ?

  2. It’s actually two extremely clever marketing strategies-
    Pharmacia’s and the the users’. Hopefully they’ll be recommended for long term use.

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