On developing a drug to help mice quit smoking (maybe people too)

New research is being reported out of the Scripps Research Institute on how nicotine works in the brain of mice. We’ll assume for the sake of argument that this parallels how it works in humans. In the ScienceDaily report we read: Scientists from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute have identified a pathway […]

Two Canadians scratch their heads over New York moving closer to banning e-cigarette

[Catherine and I write this with the warning to readers that we know just enough about U.S. politics to get at least something wrong. On the other hand, as we know from trying to understand our own country‚Äôs politics, being American might not have gotten us much closer to the truth.] As most readers of […]

If you pretend to be doing honest research, don’t punish people for believing you

Elaine Keller forwarded me this posting (at e-cigarette-forum) recounting the experience of someone who made the “mistake” of bringing up harm reduction concepts at a “Tobacco Cessation Summit”. At the first of the three sessions, participants were asked to come back with some new ideas on how to decrease smoking rates. Our writer took the […]

Smoking in the movies (again) and helping out the ailing pharmaceutical industry

In today’s Huffington Post, there was yet another, and not particularly good, article on that new research report (abstract here) that smoking in the movies causes ex-smokers to want to smoke again. I guess it takes a brain scientist to definitively state that seeing something makes someone who likes or liked to do that same […]

Research once again undermines reasons for quitting smoking

(Thanks to CMNissen for alerting me to this article.) In the most recent issue of Chemical Research in Toxicology, there is a new article with the daunting title of Immediate Consequences of Cigarette Smoking: Rapid Formation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Diol Epoxides (abstract here). To summarize, 12 subjects each smoked a cigarette laced with a […]

International smoking news roundup

While we are putting the finishing touches on a discussion of the press release out of Star Scientific on their reduced nitrosamine smokeless product, here’s some of the more entertaining (and exasperating) developments in the world of smoking. First of all, out of Spain, two stories. The first out of Time Magazine reports on the […]

Harm reduction needs to be easy: the case of RJR’s new switching campaign

As previously mentioned, we, like many others were quite pleased to see the R.J.Reynolds Tobacco Company Christmas season campaign suggesting that smokers switch to smokeless tobacco (report here). Since many people still think the turn of the year is a time for a turn of the leaf, the time is most appropriate to put forth […]