More on Oregon and the prescribing of nicotine

Just a quick post to add a few more reasons why Greenlick of Oregon’s motion to make nicotine a prescription drug would cause problems for the state. 1. Even on a national level there would be a concern about tourists but on the state level how would one handle out of state workers and tourists. […]

Now its Oregon: another shot at a ban without calling it such

Starting off with some really good news, in Utah they rejected that bill to ban e-cigarettes that had no on/off switches and any flavored nicotine products. There is a good report on that over at CAASA. “I spoke with many of the committee members before the hearing,” Ward [a CASAA director] said, “and I found […]

Iowa more worried about candy than cigarettes

While not the full out bans being pursued in Utah and Washington, Democrats in Iowa are working hard to have retail restrictions to be placed on dissolvable tobacco products. This is still a flavor motivated action as indicated on the Iowa Senate Democrats page. This is really quite the “wonderful” article; more misinformation per sentence […]

Obama criticized for use of unapproved anti-smoking therapy

Reported recently at FoxNews: US President Barack Obama has a secret weapon in his battle against his smoking habit — celery, he revealed in an interview gaining traction Thursday. First Lady Michelle Obama said earlier this month that her husband had not smoked a cigarette for almost a year. In an interview posted late Wednesday, […]

One ban deserves another….

When the FDA banned flavored cigarettes in 2009, an action that resulted in quite a bit of press and plaudits but affected a negligible portion of the tobacco market, one wonders given the lack of any real evidence supporting that action, if it was simply to leverage more substantial actions. Now we see the threat […]

Statements made at the Scientific Standards for Studies on Reduced Risk Tobacco Products meeting

Thanks to Bill Godshall, we can give you the links to some of the statements made at the Scientific Standards for Studies on Reduced Risk Tobacco Products meeting to advise the FDA on the minimum standards for scientific studies to allow the marketing of modified risk tobacco products, and for post-market studies of marketed products. […]

Gulf States discussing total ban of e-cigarettes

Just yesterday the GCC Health Ministers Council (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE) set the stage for a total ban of e-cigarettes. A statement issued by the conference underlined the “necessity for imposing a total ban” on e-cigarettes in line with the WHO guidelines and the findings of recent studies on the product. […]