More on Oregon and the prescribing of nicotine

Just a quick post to add a few more reasons why Greenlick of Oregon’s motion to make nicotine a prescription drug would cause problems for the state.

1. Even on a national level there would be a concern about tourists but on the state level how would one handle out of state workers and tourists. Would family members come to visit have to show their out of state papers to patrolmen?

2. Given that you are in effect creating a crime, you need the resources to deal with monitoring, apprehending and prosecuting that crime. Though Oregon governor has already figured out that by reducing some of the funding to education and giving less money to doctors he can pay for his reductions to the capital gains tax, adding this new expense would encourage an even greater deficit. 

3. It is impossible to judge the effect of most tobacco control programs and this would be no better. One of the problems of people moving to black market sources is that you lose data. If moving to prescription actually occurred you would have excellent data on the flow of prescriptions but lose all other use data. Any black market purchasing would end up as a drop in prescriptions which would make it look like a drop in consumption when all it really reflects is income going to criminal enterprise rather than to the state.

-Paul L. Bergen

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