More on menthol: contradictions and implications

As a followup to Carl’s post on the menthol issue and specifically in regards to his paragraph on how someone in harm reduction could be torn between supporting any drop in quality of cigarettes (since that would drive people to lower harm alternatives) and the wish to maintain individual liberty, I would like to add […]

It’s all good or is it?

Years ago I worked for someone who liked to use the phrase “it’s all good”. I noticed that she only used it when actually it wasn’t all good; in fact, the only time she used it was when dismissing the obvious downsides of an action or situation. New technologies seem to coast in with the […]

You were there! At the birth of a new anti-tobacco catchphrase!

Canadian NDP parliamentarian Megan Leslie probably had a few people in the corridors of various anti-smoking group offices hooping and hollering and giving the high fives when they read about what will surely be gleefully repeated whenever possible for the next while.. cancer shouldn’t come in candy flavours She uttered these fateful words while she […]