Credit where credit is due: Some positive e-cigarette coverage

In the wake of the recent uproar regarding the Daily Mail’s “E-cigarette’s can cause more harm than smoking” (see Clive Bates for the before and after pictures of the webpage – deleted after a formal Press Complain was lodged) and the Marie Claire’s “Fears e-cigarettes could be more harmful than smoking” not to mention the iterations in Pakistan and India and who knows where else and not to forget the descent into madness at the Philippine Star, it’s pleasing to report that not all the news is nonsense.

In early January we had the Lionel Shriver article in the Guardian and just today in the National Post we have Jesse Kline’s “E-cigarettes are not your father’s smokes.” A couple of days ago we had Jacob Sullum at with “How E-Cigarette Alarmists Endanger Smokers’ Lives, or Why Eli Lake Should Not Switch Back to Marlboros.” And back in January at the Globe and Mail Lucy Kellaway wrote “Why e-cigarettes should be allowed in the office.”

When this blog began, e-cigarettes were hardly known and the most prominent safer nicotine alternative was smokeless tobacco, it was rare to ever find any positive coverage in the media. Though e-cigarettes do get a fair share of bad press they almost get as much good. Of course the bad articles seem to get all the traction.

5 thoughts on “Credit where credit is due: Some positive e-cigarette coverage

  1. We just will have to extend the amount of time that we push forward with more smokers switching to smokeless products, “Roly Gate” has suggested 30 years of battling by numbers to out weigh money interests and power.

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