Weekend reading and viewing

1. On Reason.com one of the better and entertaining discussions of the pros and cons of ecigs (video).

2. Brad Rodu on tobacco harm reduction (and how and why nicotine replacement therapies don’t work).

3. Carl Phillips on limiting your exposure to misleading information.

I know that when I am casually reading something for information on a topic, and have enough expertise to spot some clear errors but not enough to be sure about the rest of it, I just stop reading. I realize that some or all of the rest of what I might be “learning” is probably also wrong, and I do not want to risk accidentally adding false “knowledge” to my worldview. Notice that my approach is not to just decide to be skeptical as I keep reading. That does not work because I have the same programming that most of us do — to believe what we hear/read until educated otherwise.

4. Another reason to switch from smoking – avoiding those hospital parking fees. Perhaps this is a very Canadian complaint – we kind of expect not to pay for health related issues.

As part of its investigation, Marketplace surveyed over 1,000 Canadians, and found 52 per cent said parking costs affect how often they can visit a hospital, or for how long.

Among the findings:

38 per cent said they couldn’t visit a patient as frequently as they wanted.
20 per cent felt they couldn’t afford to visit patients at all.
3 per cent skipped medical appointments.
14 per cent said they couldn’t afford to volunteer.

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