Stages of trying to understand the opposition to e-cigarettes

Its not uncommon to have difficulty understanding why other people don’t hold the same positions you do about things. I will never quite comprehend the mindset of Stephen Harper or for that matter the conservative mindset. I guess we are who we are. But when it comes to health and the public good, I have […]

The desire for nicotine is more likely to lower smoker related disease than the desire to quit

Much like the phrase “mind control” tobacco control connotes persuasion, domination and unwilling conversion to an alien agenda. The recent issue of Tobacco Control returns to the idea of the endgame, the insistence that if there is the will, tobacco and nicotine use can be eliminated entirely. What is notable in these opinion pieces is […]

Health Canada pressuring credit services to stop online sales of e-cigarettes from Canadian sources

While Health Canada recommends that Canadians stop smoking it also recommends that Canadians stop vaping. In regards to the first is written: “To date, over 4,000 chemicals, comprising a combination of gases, liquids and breathable particles, have been identified in tobacco smoke. Of the 4000 chemicals, more than 70 chemicals are known to cause, initiate […]

Banning says more about the banners than the banned

The Wikipedia entry for Saudi Arabia contains the following sentences “Alcoholic beverages are prohibited, for example, and there is no theatre or public exhibition of films”. What has that to do with e-cigarettes? Nothing really but it might put the following couple of sentences from the Ilya Pozin article Electronic Cigarettes: Booming Industry or Health […]

Flavouring in vaping reduces likelihood of migrating to smoking

I’ve long supported flavouring as an inducement to moving to alternative nicotine products but Dave Dorn in this video (via UK Electronic Cigarette News) makes the beautiful point that flavouring creates a barrier against migrating to smoking. If you start with any of the flavourings and out of interest try a regular cigarette it will […]