When e-cigarette groups get it terribly wrong all vapers will suffer

I’m not saying that there isn’t room in the community for more than a couple of viewpoints but just today I ran across a couple of “with friends like these who needs enemies” articles.

The first is a position paper put out by TVECA (the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association). A non-profit American association of e-cigarette companies, it has expanded into Europe, and though there is no evidence of it on their website, they claim to represent over 80% of European stakeholders.

The paper posits that ” E-cigarettes cannot qualify under EU legislation as medicinal products and will de facto be banned” and then argues that the only logical move is to classify e-cigarettes as tobacco products.

One hardly knows where to begin.

1. There is no tobacco in an e-cigarette.
2. If they were classified as tobacco products any number of existing onerous regulations would apply to them.
3. If they were classified as tobacco products any future legislation aimed at cigarettes could easily encompass them.

The industry has worked hard at stressing the fundamental differences between cigarettes and e-cigarettes. TVECA is a group I was all too generous with on a previous post (I now apologize for associating them with ECITA and ECTA) and ironically, as that post discussed, the only Canadian member was a non-nicotine producer from Edmonton. I wonder how he feels about being classified as a tobacco product given that already he was so dismissive of nicotine.

They try to limit some of the damage in suggesting an amendment that allows for flavors (tobacco products are restricted in some areas from being attractively flavored) in e-cigarettes since the vapor requires flavoring even to taste like tobacco. Good luck with that.

Article number 2 comes with a statement from Eli Alelov, the CEO of Logic Technology “..the wide variety of fruit flavored e-cigarettes offered by other companies don’t appeal to people who smoke cigarettes, but instead appeal to young people who don’t smoke”.

Its bad enough that the “only kids like flavors” argument comes from anti-nicotine groups but it is pure idiocy coming from someone who I am sure has seen first hand the delight with which so many smokers have switched to the more varied flavor palette of e-cigarettes. I am sure he has fielded a number of calls from adult ex-smoking customers asking whether they will be adding flavors in the future.

I am getting so sick of the flavor argument which in essence is saying that because I am an adult I will only eat, drink, chew or smoke things that taste like shit.

If these e-cigarette representatives get their way we can look forward to e-cigarettes with the warning “there is no such thing as a safe tobacco product” and moving back to having the earlier crazy wide range of taste selection – all the way from tobacco to menthol.

2 thoughts on “When e-cigarette groups get it terribly wrong all vapers will suffer

  1. I had not even heard of these ppl till a couple of days ago and I don’t think they are going to help
    Did I hear that they are funded by the american lung society

  2. I agree with the need for flavorings in ecigarettes, and the argument against flavorings is utterly stupid. Why is it stupid? Because the same people who make the argument do not even consider using the same argument for flavored alcoholic drinks. They would never push to have drinks like margaritas or honey whiskey or peppermint schnapps outlawed because “the flavorings might entice kids to start drinking.” Because it doesn’t have any effect and they know it. It’s funny how that argument only seems applicable to tobacco and nothing else.

    Should sodas also not have flavoring because kids might want to drink them and possibly end up with health issues because they are not healthy?

    And assuming that once you become an adult everything has to taste like cardboard is also unrealistic. adults have every right to enjoy nice flavors if they want to. Kids aren’t the only ones who like things that taste good.

    It’s a false argument, one that is unprovable, and it needs to be scrapped.

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