Health Canada pressuring credit services to stop online sales of e-cigarettes from Canadian sources

While Health Canada recommends that Canadians stop smoking it also recommends that Canadians stop vaping.

In regards to the first is written:
“To date, over 4,000 chemicals, comprising a combination of gases, liquids and breathable particles, have been identified in tobacco smoke. Of the 4000 chemicals, more than 70 chemicals are known to cause, initiate or promote cancer”.

In regards to the second we have:
“Although these electronic smoking products may be marketed as a safer alternative to conventional tobacco products and, in some cases, as an aid to quitting smoking, electronic smoking products may pose risks such as nicotine poisoning and addiction”.

So cigarettes are said to cause cancer while e-cigarettes are said to maybe pose the risks of poisoning (no cases of that on record) or addiction (what – like coffee?) . You would think that the first would result in more stringent actions but not so.

A few months ago e-cigarette companies in Canada found that agencies providing credit transactions withdrew their services that allowed customers to purchase product using their cards. There are some workarounds but you can no longer use Visa, MC, Amex, Interac or Paypal. This is thanks to pressure on those agencies from Health Canada.

Using you credit card you can order e-cigarettes from any other country, and often as not, it will make it through customs. You can also avail yourself of the growing black market for health minded nicotine consumers.

And, no surprise, you can purchase cigarettes online in Canada from Canadian suppliers using your credit card.

Health Canada does not have a problem with that.

End result is that you drive Canadians who are trying to quit smoking with the most successful method to date (despite e-cigarettes not being marketed as quit smoking devices; all the quit smoking evidence comes from surveys – thousands relaying their stories of success after trying everything else) to

1. look to the black market which means a loss of tax revenue

2. order outside the country which undermines any domestic business which means again loss of tax revenue and losses of jobs

3. go back to smoking or not consider this obviously safer alternative because it is just too difficult to get ecigs and

4. possibly end up with some avoidable smoking related disease

Health Canada is going after e-cigarettes with a vengeance for purely bureaucratic reasons. They cannot possibly care about the health of Canadians if they are so hell bent on cutting off any alternative sources of nicotine. The only explanation must be that they don’t really think smokers dying or getting sick is such a bad thing.

Better that millions of Canadian smokers succumb to smoking related disease than they transition to an “unapproved” method. Its all the more absurd when Health Canada has not had any reluctance accepting or promoting either methods with success rates that would bar them from any commercial marketplace (NRTs at about 4%) or those that have proven to have resulted in death (Champix).

Speaking of Champix, Health Canada says:
“Champix is considered an effective smoking cessation aid when used as part of a support program for helping quit smoking. At this time, Health Canada considers that the benefits of Champix, when used as directed on the label, continue to outweigh the risks”.

Rather than enjoy quitting smoking painlessly through vaping Health Canada supports quitting with a possibility of depression, disability and/or suicide.

It seems Canada could use a publicly minded health agency that gives a shit about Canadians.

Despite the efforts of Health Canada I expect that some day vaping will be more common than smoking in this country. But because of Health Canada, so proud of being leaders in tobacco control, smoking rates in this country will end up being among the highest in the developed world.

5 thoughts on “Health Canada pressuring credit services to stop online sales of e-cigarettes from Canadian sources

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  3. The Big Tabaco Companies want this market exclusive to them self very soon they going to have their e-cig approved by local government and sale them as Legal E-cig with Government seal. Since is Two Billion $ Market nobody is going to pass on that even Credit Companies Just wait any see.

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