Breathing easier thanks to Canadian Lung Association or?

In the  recent article at the Globe and Mail: Could e-cigarettes save smokers’ lives? Some health advocates think so, Jennifer Miller of the Canadian Lung Association is quoted as saying:

“I think we owe it to the five million Canadians who are addicted to tobacco products. If there’s a product out there that may have some merit to bring down those numbers, we have to look at it,”

followed by the comment:

The Lung Association used to warn that e-cigarette users were inhaling toxic chemicals. But new evidence convinced the organization to change its position and it says they may be a valuable smoking cessation aid.

The website of the association still posts:

For National Non-Smoking Week, the Canadian Lung Association encourages people who want to quit smoking to use scientifically proven methods and to avoid gimmicky unproven methods, like electronic cigarettes.

“Don’t be fooled by e-cigarettes. These electronic devices could be potentially harmful to lung health and are not an approved quit smoking aid by either Health Canada or the U.S. Food and Drug Administration,” says Margaret Bernhardt-Lowdon, a tobacco issues spokesperson for the Canadian Lung Association.

I have sent an email to the association asking if the website will reflect this latest (and most welcome) statement from Miller in the near future.

I will report on any response.  I do hope it will be good news and fall into line with the optimistic view that organizations promoting better lung health for smokers consider e-cigarettes as preferable to smoking.

4 thoughts on “Breathing easier thanks to Canadian Lung Association or?

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