Increase e-cig presence in Canada by keeping it local

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Though this might seem like a little conflict of interest given that I work with ECTA its not really since 1. I have always supported buying local and 2. I advocate sourcing e-cigs and vaping supplies locally whether or not ECTA members are involved.

It seems to me that when you go across the border for vaping needs that it undermines the future of vaping in Canada. For us to make any progress in Canada we have to have a presence and that presence is measured in dollars spent within the country. Those dollars become part of statistics that help influence policy on e-cigs.

Dollars spent abroad are invisible. If you source through the US you contribute to the American vaping presence. Overall that is a good thing but it will be at the expense of a Canadian presence.

Apart from the long term goal of e-cigs as available as cigarettes in this country there are many selfish reasons for sourcing within the country.

1. Canadian tobacco flavours. If you like Canadian tobacco flavours then Canadian vapour vendors are the only ones making those flavours.

2. No borders. If you buy in Canada you will get your product every time and if not you will get a refund. No borders to stop your shipment and shipping costs are usually cheaper. And local means better avenues of post purchasing questioning or complaints.

3. Strengthen those who are working for you. Since ultimately much of this product is sourced overseas you not only offload the problem of getting the product into the country but by continuing to use Canadian companies you improve their ability to source the products. If the borders become tighter or some sources cease to exist, these are people you want working for you.

As well, the stronger the e-cig  community gets in this country the more aspects of production will end up going local as well.

4. Stronger economy. The more money that circulates in this country the stronger the economy overall – more jobs.

I know that some out there are going directly to the black market. I have never understood the allure of saving a little money in exchange for buying outside the country. The exceptions to that I see if there is excessive and unwarranted taxation (which does not apply in this case) or if you cannot get the version of the product you really cannot live without.

Ultimately we want to swell our domestic numbers. Safety in numbers as they say.

Anybody out there have other good reasons for going Canadian? Or not?

2 thoughts on “Increase e-cig presence in Canada by keeping it local

  1. I tend to buy Canadian unless I find some flavors I want to try. It’s getting harder to find Canadian places with nic juice with a vast selection, only reason I would go across the border.

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