Dr. Oz must now be specializing in auto-proctology since he has his head up his ass when it comes to e-cigarettes

Given how many bad knockoff articles in papers about vaping surface every few days I have been ignoring them but I just had to say something about this one because there are a lot of people who take Oprah’s former court physician Mehmet Oz as a source of wisdom.

Oz has attracted some negative attention in the last little while the most noticeable being this New Yorker article by Michael Spector – Is the most trusted doctor in America doing more harm that good? 

His comments/discussion of e-cigarettes I ran across this morning in my local paper via a syndicated advice column he writes with Mike Roizen ( a doctor who has the amusing delusion that right now with the right diet (he is now chiefly known for his health and diet franchise)  “they could live to 120 with the quality of life of a 45-year-old” and who also states “spending one hour in the presence of secondhand smoke is the equivalent of smoking four cigarettes”. Those 2nd hand smoke maniacs tend to be the same people who are also anti-vaping and against any safer alternative to smoking that does not involve a prescription.

The column (I have bolded some of the foolishness):

Q: I want to quit smoking and am thinking about trying electronic cigarettes. Are they safe? Do they work? — Matthew F., Atlanta

A: Congratulations! That commitment is the first step to victory! Now you want to choose a routine that’s effective.

We think smokeless electronic cigarettes threaten the progress that’s been made in helping people get free of nicotine and tobacco. E-cigs deliver pure nicotine to the lungs. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that if people start using traditional and e-cigarettes together, the public health repercussions could be pretty bad.

-Leading off with muddling together habits and health and overstating the progress that has been made (how good can the situation be if millions are still dying from smoke-related disease) the ludicrous argument that because some progress has been made that we should discard any further solutions that come along is a common one.  This all goes back to antis not liking the competition that arises from a pleasurable alternative (if smokers start vaping they are avoiding their wages of sin – they are not suffering enough to make amends for their actions to that point).

– Why would two doctors who are obviously quite smart prefer to stress a negative potential over a positive certainty?  Yes, if people did vape while they were smoking we would be getting nowhere but any vaping that substitutes for smoking whether the person continues to smoke or not is a step in the right direction (it means the person has smoked less). The CDC and FDA love to suggest possible uses of e-cigs while ignoring or discounting all the reports and studies of how people are actually using them.

Also, the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate e-cigs (they’re trying), so no one knows for sure what’s in the water vapor that drifts out of them, how much nicotine they deliver or whether other toxins are present (they’re reported to contain chemicals that are as bad for you as cigarettes or worse). Most are made in China.

-Yes, regulation is required for quality control but we do have a pretty good idea what is in e-cigs (again, too many of these people just are not doing the required reading before they open their mouths in public). And you would think doctors would be a little more careful with the whole idea of “containing chemicals that are bad for you.” Just about everything contains chemicals that are bad for you – what matters is how much (the dose makes the poison). And the howler of as bad for you as cigarettes! – do they really think this?

-and the Reds are in our beds – the China scare.  Again, its better to read the assays these companies have had independently done and posted openly for anyone, including famous doctors, to read rather than using an ad hominem smear.

Their vapors are free of the tar and carbon monoxide in real cigs, but the device doesn’t necessarily lessen nicotine dependence. Breaking habits means substituting new behaviors for old ones; the electronic cigs just keep you puffing away (inhaling toxins, if reports are correct).

– You notice that the emphasis is on whether or not you continue to use nicotine, or continue to enjoy yourself, rather than whether it is better for your health.

Stick with patches and gums for smoking cessation. And follow our proven techniques for kicking nicotine and tobacco. The full program is on RealAge.com.

  1. Exercise daily — walk at least 30 minutes, jog, swim or cycle. Withdrawal symptoms will vaporize.
  2. Along with nicotine patches, ask your doc about using the anti-craving drug buproprion.
  3. Upgrade your diet. Eliminate refined carbs and added sugars and sugar syrups; they fuel food cravings and withdrawal symptoms. You’ll lose weight as you quit. Women typically lose six pounds on our Enforcer E-coaching program.

-Overall you have to wonder about taking any medical advice from such uninformed sources as these two celebrity doctors.  And I wondcr with the mention of the enforcer program that there is a bit of a conflict of interest going on here with e-cigs competing not only with their $500 quit smoking program or some misguided loyalty to the pharmaceutical regimes.

Why vape away when you could be taking an anti-depressant?

I can never quite accommodate myself to the idea that so many doctors worry more about whether or not you are using nicotine than whether you are reducing your health risk.

7 thoughts on “Dr. Oz must now be specializing in auto-proctology since he has his head up his ass when it comes to e-cigarettes

  1. Good points. I always knew Oz was a damn hack! Also love how he sings the same BS song/dance of everybody else… “not FDA regulated”. Really!? I’m a Pharmacy Technician,,, there’s SEVERAL prescription and non-prescription drugs recommended to patients today that still aren’t FDA-regulated… and I’d even wager Mr. (b)Oz(o) there has at least encouraged people onto diets and routines that are also not FDA-regulated as well. FDA regulation takes quite sometime as there’s quite a “back listing” of items waiting for approval… and the only thing FDA-approved means is, “yeah, that group looked at it and they give their endorsement”… doesn’t mean it’s lethal or hasn’t ever been tested like most would assume. Sort of like how there’s tons of toothbrushes and toothpastes that are sold without the approval of the American Dental Association (Home Alone reference, lol). 😛

  2. Oh yeah, PS – Love how the (b)Oz(o) says “stick to patches and gum”… right, patches and gum are the biggest SCAM ever. After smoking for over 15 years, and attempting to quit at least 5-6 times… the ONLY thing I was successful with was electronic-cigarettes. Patches and gum barely scratch the surface… if they’re going to attempt to push/force people to gum and patches, maybe they should upgrade/improve those methods, cause they don’t work for !@#!. 😉

  3. One last bit… for any that read this, don’t believe what this bOZo says about “can’t tell how much nicotine is in the vapor”; first rule of thumb when getting e-juice is to try and stick to vendors that label their bottles with all the info. The juices I’m currently using list mixture percentage (PG80), size (in mL), strength (in mg), NRV (which I’m drawing a blank at the moment as to what that is… but it’s listed as 3.2%), the fact I selected to have “extra flavor” added, and the date it was bottled. Also love how he parrots, “most are out of China”; no, actually, a big issue is that many rip-offs and clones are coming out of China, but many are made with pride all around the world, with several leading models coming straight out of the US! 😀

  4. Another irony on “FDA approval”, one drug that WAS actually FDA approved which is prescribed to people to keep from smoking is Chantix. I avoid Chantix like the plague. Between black out issues, passing out, depression, even many that committed suicide while taking Chantix (don’t believe the linked article mentions the suicide rates, but can be found easily with a Google search)… Chantix has gotten a reputation as a VERY unstable drug that’s not worth the risk… yet it DID have FDA approval! 8)


  5. Nice, thanks for that link Paul! Yeah, Champix is another name/form of Chantix… both brand names for the generic “varenicline” narcotic-agent. I’ve come to find anything that sounds or looks like Chantix, or is linked to “varenicline” is best left alone. I mean, I have pretty good self-control and all, but the more I read the articles (like the one Paul linked), the more it seems scary that it can take people so healthy, happy, and carefree, and just transform them into something completely different, delusional, aggressive, depressive, suicidal, etc. 😦

  6. Oh wow, sorry to comment so much, but here’s one that HAS to be seen… another light shed on “FDA approval”… I quote from this article, dated April 18, 2013 (just a tad over a month old)… “Pfizer, the maker of Chantix, has settled 2,000 Chantix suicide and suicidal thought lawsuits as of March 2013 and paid out a total of $273 million in damages.” Two THOUSAND cases costing a total of $273 million dollars in damage!

    The article even states: “The FDA had required a “black box warning” to be included on Chantix after suicide rates spiked, but that does little to comfort the survivors of Chantix suicide patients.”…MEANING even after all the issues the FDA *still* approves it and endorses it. Just goes to show that “brand labeling” isn’t always key… just because it’s got a brand endorsement, doesn’t mean it’s better!


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