CASAA asking for your harm reduction stories

(Text from CASAA)
Are you fed up with the claim that “there is no evidence” that e-cigarettes, snus, or other low-risk tobacco/nicotine products help people quit smoking?  We are, too.  It is obviously wrong, since every individual story of how e-cigarettes helped someone quit smoking (especially after many failed attempts using other methods) is such evidence! When CASAA fights against restrictions on e-cigarettes at the state and local level, we almost always win. The main reason for that is because CASAA members turn out and tell the lawmakers about how e-cigarettes were the reason they quit smoking.  Most people understand evidence like that!

With this in mind, CASAA is compiling these individual stories so that we can back that individual testimony with a large collection and make it impossible for anyone to keep pretending that there is “no evidence.”  We know that there are hundreds — perhaps thousands — of you who have succeeded with tobacco harm reduction (THR) using e-cigarettes, snus, or other products and have already written your stories for testimony, letters to the editor or web posts.  Thousands more have their own success stories that have never been reported.  We want to collect those stories!

To contribute or read stories…

One thought on “CASAA asking for your harm reduction stories

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to contribute my story to CASAA. I lost my brother a few days after Christmas at the age of 61 to smoking-related coronary artery disease. I smoked myself for more than 30 years, but haven’t lit up since I charged up my e-cigarette on April 22nd. It’s too late for my brother, but there are plenty of other lives to be saved with sound public health policy in this area.

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