A deeper look at the Attorneys General letter to the FDA

Earlier this week the National Association of Attorneys General submitted a letter to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg pressing for immediate imposition of regulations.  Whereas there is little argument against some regulation, the authors come across as little more than Chicken Littles fearing the falling sky.  Or is it just in this age that they believe […]

CMA review proves e-cigarettes are most effective way to quit smoking

There have been a flurry of media with headlines such as E-cigs don’t help people butt out: Study and Heart Institute Review Confirms No Evidence of E-cigarettes Effectiveness for Cessation.  Though the message seems clear and direct there is no evidence presented –  no information given so that we might understand the basis for the statement, As presented […]

Children cover your eyes – evil American cigarette advertising is rampant in our land

The Non-smokers’s Rights Association in Toronto is alarmed that legal American tobacco advertisements in magazines like Vanity Fair are being seen by the kids. I guess its one of those loopholes we keep hearing about. And I suppose it doesn’t help matters that the editor of Vanity Fair for over 20 years happens to be […]

Canadian Cancer Society doesn’t get it that substituting vaping for smoking is no different than quitting smoking

The Canadian Cancer Society took the opportunity of ramping up the concerns raised by a fairly even-handed report issued by the Institut national de la santé publique du Québec on e-cigarette products being mislabeled. The report found varying levels of nicotine in supposedly nicotine free e-cigarettes. Now I am all for precise description of contents, […]

Misleading CDC e-cigarette report is a gateway to hyperbolized news headlines

The most recent MMWR has generated news headlines around the world.  The National Post headline read: As more children use e-cigarettes, health officials worry it will lead to regular smoking. Or CDC: E-cigarette use doubles among children courtesy of AlJazeera America. The problem with these headlines is that the study showed nothing of the sort. The main […]