Children cover your eyes – evil American cigarette advertising is rampant in our land

The Non-smokers’s Rights Association in Toronto is alarmed that legal American tobacco advertisements in magazines like Vanity Fair are being seen by the kids. I guess its one of those loopholes we keep hearing about.

And I suppose it doesn’t help matters that the editor of Vanity Fair for over 20 years happens to be Canadian born and bred Graydon Carter.

Somehow he eluded the anti-tobacco righteousness of this country (he does look somewhat subversive) – that bizarre pride in maintaining the lead in tobacco control. Just don’t see the advantage in claiming we are more prohibitionary than everyone else.

Playground version of this would be ‘my dad doesn’t let us go on the slide” “yeah but my dad doesn’t even let us go out of the house!”

Is the concern that our tobacco free kids have not developed the antibodies to cope with the advertising that arises from without? (Quite frankly I would be more concerned with the politics and worldview of Vanity Fair infecting our fair youth than the few cigarette ads.  But then we live in an age where ideas are no longer dangerous and no surprise when consumption functions as philosophy.)

But wait – how does this issue concern an association for non-smokers’ rights? I understand them advocating for having smoke free air but that really has nothing to do with whether people smoke or not.

In the article a marketing professor is quoted as saying “It’s about embracing what’s now,” he said reading from one ad. “I think what’s disconcerting about the appeal to youth here is saying about the embracing what’s now, basically looking for instant gratification and not worrying about what the consequences might be from smoking.”

Isn’t that the definition of most advertising?

I will end up saying something nice about these folks though – they support the sale of  e-cigarettes in Canada.

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