More unfounded e-cigarette fear mongering from the Globe and Mail

In Why doctors are raising the alarm over e-cigarettes published yesterday in the Globe and Mail tobacco control extremism rules the day.

“Many physicians, however, do not welcome the trend. A Canadian Medical Journal editorial published this week warned that e-cigarettes may be a “slippery slope to tobacco addiction.” A recent study in the journal The Lancet found that e-cigarettes were comparable to nicotine patches in helping smokers quit cigarettes over six months. However, only a small per cent of patients in either group succeeded in quitting long-term. The rest, despite using a free supply of e-cigarettes, or nicotine patch, continued to smoke regular cigarettes at an average rate of half a pack a day.”

-If this is taken at face value does it not argue that on the basis of cessation potential that the patch should be taken off the market? The e-cigarette is acting as cessation in some instances even while not intended as such while the patch is failing in its sole function.

“But even as medical researchers and tobacco-industry scientists debate their merits as a smoking-cessation device, e-cigarettes have become a hit among North American youth. The sale and marketing of e-cigarettes is illegal in Canada, but aficionados say contraband products are easy to find. E-cigarette users – or “vapers” as they are known – describe their new habit as a hip lifestyle choice.”

-Tobacco industry scientists have been pretty quiet about this whole affair. Apparently everyone who argues in favour of e-cigarettes is a tobacco industry scientist or stooge (very strange since until the industry started buying in, e-cigarettes were their greatest threat to continued market dominance).

And a hit among youth? Odd to say that when every study finds the majority of vapers to be smokers or ex-smokers and over 25. Though people do enjoy their e-cigs its more as a safer alternative than a hip lifestyle choice. I have no doubt that usage will creep downwards (and that is a good thing because it will mean less smoking) but currently the kids are still favouring smoking.

“E-cigarette companies are using the same tactics to target youth – TV ads, fruit flavours, celebrity endorsements, event sponsorships – that have been banned for cigarette marketing, according to researchers Rachel Grana and Stanton Glantz at the University of California, San Francisco. Manufacturers are promoting the idea of “vaping” in smoke-free environments to re-establish social norms for nicotine addiction, the researchers wrote in a recent letter to the British Medical Journal: “These messages undermine existing smoke-free laws and contribute to keeping people smoking cigarettes.””

-If health matters at all in this debate you cannot decry e-cigarette advertising because it looks like traditional cigarette advertising. Should you ban cola adverts because they resemble liquor adverts?

And then the few sources cited here are the rabid dogs of tobacco control – known for their inability to assimilate facts and/or logic. Point being that it is impossible for vaping to undermine smoking restrictions precisely because vaping competes with smoking.

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