I have written extensively on tobacco harm reduction issues at the blog (Tobacco Harm Reduction News & Opinions).  Those postings have all been copied to here.  That blog arose out of the time I was working as a researcher for Carl Phillips (now at CASAA)  at the University of Alberta School of Public Health. The blog was itself an outgrowth of the resource we created (tobaccoharmreduction.org) which is now a little dated as most of it was formed before ecigs were available.

During that time I was able to attend and present at a few International Harm Reduction Association conferences which introduced me to the wider harm reduction community.  It also brought me into contact with Katherine at ECITA who years later brought me into my present working relationship with ECTA. But though I am working with them, the views expressed on this blog are mine alone.

Also while at the U I began a long standing association with James Dunworth at http://www.ecigarettedirect.co.uk which resulted in the publication of the first vaper survey and subsequently interviews with leading figures in tobacco harm reduction. Those interviews were gathered into book form and are now available online.

I currently reside in Edmonton Alberta.

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