Increase e-cig presence in Canada by keeping it local

image from Addicting Info Though this might seem like a little conflict of interest given that I work with ECTA its not really since 1. I have always supported buying local and 2. I advocate sourcing e-cigs and vaping supplies locally whether or not ECTA members are involved. It seems to me that when you […]

Why do we forget that people smoke for a reason?

One of our constant themes on this site and in our writing is that people derive benefits from nicotine. There really is no other conceivable explanation for its popularity. In other words, some people’s lives are made better, and in some cases simply not miserable, by using nicotine. We promote tobacco harm reduction (THR) which […]

Letting Africa take the hit

Recent WHO-FCTC declarations regarding restricting tobacco flavorings (and other additives) have raised considerable concern in the African burley growing countries (burley tobacco tends to be processed with additives). Their justification in their own words is One major cause for concern is flavourings and additives being widely used in cigarettes and other tobacco products to increase […]

Anti-smoking policies increase black market sales

It has been known for some time that those who cannot legally buy cigarettes will find other sources. Youth tend to get most of their tobacco from family or friends, or proxy buyers. They know that most retailers will not sell to them. Now, we have yet another report from Ontario that contraband cigarettes are […]

Thinking about the tobacco black market

The Canadian Convenience Stores Association have asked “the Federal and Provincial governments to adopt a freeze on new regulation or taxation of legal tobacco products until the authorities have significantly reduced the contraband tobacco rate to under 10 per cent for a sustained period”. (Story here.) Reports of increased black market activity in tobacco have […]

FCTC: Constructing a new assault on smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes: Part 3: or disregarding the context of tobacco use

This the third of a series on this latest development at the FCTC. See Part1: Background and Part2. In the Convention Secretariat report concern is expressed over the welfare of the disadvantaged but a disparagement of cheap sources of nicotine that would soften their plight. First a little context on how much of a threat […]

Wichita smoking ban delay draws fire

Interesting things going on in Wichita these days which illustrate some inconsistencies in the anti-smoking movement. First, to clarify my own position, I am old enough to have experienced life when there were few smoking restrictions. I much prefer how things are now in general. I enjoy being free of the smell of stale smoke […]

Health ignored in smoking policy: part 2

Two somewhat unconnected stories but on the same theme. 1. Requiring cigarettes to be fire safe compliant. There is no doubt that cigarettes do start fires and there is nothing wrong with looking for solutions to this problem.  However, in the numbers game, the effects of smoking on the health of smokers still far outweighs […]