Thinking about the tobacco black market

The Canadian Convenience Stores Association have asked “the Federal and Provincial governments to adopt a freeze on new regulation or taxation of legal tobacco products until the authorities have significantly reduced the contraband tobacco rate to under 10 per cent for a sustained period”. (Story here.) Reports of increased black market activity in tobacco have […]

Despite what they say, when it comes to tobacco, the CDC is not that concerned about your health

A fairly popular bit of press these days are variations on the CDC spin on the stall in smoking rates (as witnessed here in the Los Angeles Times); of course straight reporting on anything related to tobacco from within the borders of California is way too much to ask for; just take a look at […]

Smoking in decline and smokeless tobacco use increasing; how is that anything but good news?

Recent articles on Washington’s smoking rate to the point of being the 3rd lowest in the US seem at first glance to be reports of good news (lower smoking means fewer health costs all round) yet reveal themselves to be little more than vehicles of the standard quit or die propaganda. In Wash. adult smoking […]

E-cigarettes: Kids are the red herring in this debate

Up to about a year ago the usual news report on electronic cigarettes was unabashedly positive. Here was this great new product that smokers were finding to be a pleasurable substitute for cigarettes. The stories would feature smokers and their reports of improved breathing and in just about every case they would also mention how […]

Settling for less…

If you have read us for any length of time, or perused our website, you have seen that we often refer to Michael Siegel’s excellent Rest of the Story, but just to stress the point, he is always worth reading. In his latest post, False Information from Center for Tobacco Products is Concerning; FDA Actions […]