Removing the addiction myth is a good first step

I just read two very different articles, one on the pitfalls of the addiction myth from a smoker’s perspective and the other about prison libraries as a valuable resource. What they share is a perspective on how healthy options can proceed best from non stigmatized arenas. In the first, from Underdogs Bite Upwards: If the […]

Still no big picture vision at the CMAJ when it comes to tobacco

The Canadian Medical Association Journal has popped up in the news again and this time criticizing the government for delaying instituting new warning labels on cigarette packages. (Globe and Mail coverage here and original CMAJ editorial here). Essentially the story is that new labels have been developed but have not been rolled out which will […]

Potpourri: Nicotine related news and articles

Rather than post a full article today. it seemed appropriate to promote a couple of articles elsewhere worth reading and some short comments on a couple of recent news items. First the articles. 1. I was going to critique another of the Tobacco Control envisioning “new ways” articles, the Hatsukami et al which suggested various […]

GlaxoSmithKline and the FDA entreaty

GlaxosmithKline, the maker of Nicorette and Nicoderm, have petitioned the FDA to remove dissolvable tobacco products on the grounds that a better action would be to enhance their own product and make it more widely accessible. They argue as well that there is a lack of efficacy of smokeless products in regards to smoking cessation […]

Researchers say not enough nicotine in alternative products

In the latest volume of Tobacco Control, among the many new strategies proposed by self described endgame visionaries, those who are skirting ever so closer to prohibition but dressing it up in more flattering wear, is a new paper evaluating various smokeless products as cessation aids. (Regarding the same volume, make sure to read Carl […]

CMAJ should be advocating subsidizing smokeless tobacco

This August 30th, it was reported that an editorial in the Canadian Medical Association Journal was advocating that provincial drug plans should pay for smoking cessation drug therapies. Not a bad idea. If the official position is that smoking increases costs to public health and that cessation is an investment that would more than reduce […]

Schwarzenegger saves lives, and more good news

Few bits of good news out there today: 1. Smokers could get nicotine gum on NHS indefinitely. From The Guardian, a citizen’s council (not sure at this point how much influence they actually have) is recommending that the National Health Service provide nicotine replacement products (gum or inhalers) indefinitely instead of the current guidelines of […]