When common sense comes across as radical

Recently in Macleans magazine there was a decent op ed decrying Peter Mackay’s promotion of instituting random vehicle stops on the basis of reducing drunk driving.  My initial negative reaction to the story was simply because I don’t like the idea of expanded police powers and particularly not when it comes to being able to search […]

Another Canadian Medical Journal broadside against e-cigarettes

“We must not be so easily lured by the illusion of a safe substitute for cigarettes that we yield precious ground in the war against tobacco.” So writes Michael Stanbrook, Deputy Editor, Scientific for the Canadian Medical Journal in a recent oped. You get the feeling from these tireless campaigners for an unending battle that […]

It’s all good or is it?

Years ago I worked for someone who liked to use the phrase “it’s all good”. I noticed that she only used it when actually it wasn’t all good; in fact, the only time she used it was when dismissing the obvious downsides of an action or situation. New technologies seem to coast in with the […]