SCOOP! Leaked UPA Guidelines for Tobacco Reporting

-The following inadvertently ended up in my inbox via a BCC re a starting writer at a major newspaper who probably was not aware that it was intended to be confidential. There is little need to comment on this since it pretty well speaks for itself.-PLB. United Press Association Guidelines for Tobacco Reporting As a […]

California, marijuana and the tobacco companies

When future archaeologists dig up the remains of California, they’re going to find all of those gyms their scary-looking gym equipment, and they’re going to assume that we were a culture obsessed with torture. –Doug Coupland The Coupland quote is not entirely perfect but it does go toward illustrating the absurdity of life in California, […]

Social relationships and mortality risk

This has only the slightest relationship to tobacco harm reduction issues but it is just too interesting not to mention. Just published in PLOS, the meta-review Social Relationships and Mortality Risks is bound to make the news for some time. And rightly so. While I can see many points of debate regarding the specifics within […]

Anti-smoking or anti-tobacco? More like anti-social.

For some time now, and more intensely in the last few weeks, Michael Siegel has been railing against the insanity of the modern tobacco control movement (as exemplified by American Lung Association, American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association and the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids). The only reason Action of Smoking and Health US […]

If he’s a statistician, why is the numerical reasoning in this press release so bad?

Half of this post is based on comments forwarded to me by Carl Phillips after I alerted him to this typical yet still outrageous press release from the inimitable yet wholly dispensible John Banzhaf (and I in turn have James Dunworth to thank for bringing it to my attention). I do have active tobacco alerts […]

Third hand smoke: should we bother?

Once again third hand smoke has reared its pea brain head and once again we all rise to the bait. (See recent postings by Michael Siegel, Christopher Snowden, and myself). Not so much the challenge since the challenge is not the concept or the science, which are laughable, but the iteration through the culture. Were […]

Anybody up for a class action suit against Banzhaf?

In a recent press release, John Banzhaf is encouraging any and all to pursue legal actions against electronic cigarette distributors on the basis of them being presented as absolutely clean products when an FDA study found trace quantities in a few units of a small sample. These same contaminants have been found to be present […]

How many people smoke?

In Brad Rodu’s latest posting, How many Americans smoke?, he examines the discrepancies in various estimates of this figure. ┬áHis major point is that if we are truly concerned with ameliorating this “single most preventable cause of death and disease” we need good numbers to measure any progress or the lack of it. From personal […]

John Banzhaf ridiculed on TV

Thanks to Velvet Glove for alerting me to this. The rundown is that a lawsuit initiated by class action addict John Banzhaf (famously of Action on Smoking and Health) ┬áhas been reactivated by the courts of appeal and so can move forward into some discovery and then may or may not be dismissed at that […]

Billionaire Banzhaf Bashes company over Retraction Request

Worth reading. This (link to article here) piece from ElectronicCigaretteSpot is a description of the dispiriting business between the anti-smoking and pro-electronic cigarette folks over the absurd report filed in the Qatar Peninsula. Those of us who have been in tobacco harm reduction for a while experience this as a deja vu of sorts, of […]