Anti-smoking or anti-tobacco? More like anti-social.

For some time now, and more intensely in the last few weeks, Michael Siegel has been railing against the insanity of the modern tobacco control movement (as exemplified by American Lung Association, American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association and the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids). The only reason Action of Smoking and Health US […]

Third hand smoke: should we bother?

Once again third hand smoke has reared its pea brain head and once again we all rise to the bait. (See recent postings by Michael Siegel, Christopher Snowden, and myself). Not so much the challenge since the challenge is not the concept or the science, which are laughable, but the iteration through the culture. Were […]

Is it safe?

Sometimes I feel like Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man where Laurence Olivier who plays the demented Nazi dentist keeps asking him “is it safe?” Tobacco harm reduction, and harm reduction in general operates on the principle of whether an action or substance is safer than another, not so much their absolute safety. One of the […]

Spinning wheels, rejecting improvements..

It is always interesting to watch dogmatic groups devour their own young, or to put it another way, dissension with the potential of making basic arguments both stronger and more subtle, and thus more persuasive to opponents, is aggressively rooted out to keep it simple. And here the KISS message directive of Keep It Simple […]

Santa Cruz Bans Smoking on Downtown Streets and All City Parking Lots

Great riffing from Michael Siegel on the absurdity of the “no safe level” claims driving increasingly intrusive legislation.  (Link to article here.) Excerpt: There is no safe level of exposure to arsenic, another carcinogen. However, the Santa Cruz city water supply was found to have levels of arsenic of up to 2.5 ppb in 2008. And […]

Book reviews, health and politics, etc.

1. Book reviews Over at Spiked, Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick has two book reviews; one we’ve read (Velvet Glove Iron Fist) and another one that looks as promising (Geoffrey Kabat’s Hyping Health Risks). (See The anti-smoking ‘truth regime’ that cannot be questioned:Two new books expose how epidemiology has been used as a tool of propaganda in the […]