Deliberately dangerous: the continuing misinformation from the American Academy of Otolaryngology

When I joined this group, one of the first projects was to do a follow up to Carl’s seminal paper: You might as well smoke; the misleading and harmful public message about smokeless tobacco. That 2005 paper trolled the net to see what the dominant messages were regarding smokeless tobacco in comparison to smoking and […]

Third hand smoke: should we bother?

Once again third hand smoke has reared its pea brain head and once again we all rise to the bait. (See recent postings by Michael Siegel, Christopher Snowden, and myself). Not so much the challenge since the challenge is not the concept or the science, which are laughable, but the iteration through the culture. Were […]

Ethics laid waste by tobacco cessationists once again…

You’d think we’d have little to do. Smokers are still dying, there is a safer alternative (the safety well supported by the scientific evidence) for those who cannot or do not wish to quit nicotine, and this alternative (smokeless tobacco) is almost as easy to buy as cigarettes. But for some reason, self described care […]