Anti-smoking policies increase black market sales

It has been known for some time that those who cannot legally buy cigarettes will find other sources. Youth tend to get most of their tobacco from family or friends, or proxy buyers. They know that most retailers will not sell to them. Now, we have yet another report from Ontario that contraband cigarettes are […]

Thinking about the tobacco black market

The Canadian Convenience Stores Association have asked “the Federal and Provincial governments to adopt a freeze on new regulation or taxation of legal tobacco products until the authorities have significantly reduced the contraband tobacco rate to under 10 per cent for a sustained period”. (Story here.) Reports of increased black market activity in tobacco have […]

The damage done when researchers do not understand the harm reduction concept

Breaking news out of the University of California labs: Harm Reduction Cigarettes Can Be More Harmful Than Conventional Brands, UC Riverside Researchers Report: Prue Talbot’s lab studied the effect of cigarette smoke on human embryonic stem cells. Perhaps when you are focussed on the minutia of determining the effects of tobacco smoke on embryonic stem […]

Potpourri: Nicotine related news and articles

Rather than post a full article today. it seemed appropriate to promote a couple of articles elsewhere worth reading and some short comments on a couple of recent news items. First the articles. 1. I was going to critique another of the Tobacco Control envisioning “new ways” articles, the Hatsukami et al which suggested various […]

Tobacco Control: Not really thinking outside the box

We’ve already discussed two of the papers (see here and here) in the October issue of Tobacco Control. The introductory editorial Imagining things otherwise: new endgame ideas for tobacco control by Ruth Malone describes the issue as dealing with: Where are we going in tobacco control long-term, and how will we get there? This issue […]

Biggest public health advance of the century: new nicotine products could virtually wipe out smoking related disease!

If a doctor’s obese patient starts exercising a little and eating less, and losing some weight, that doctor will be pleased. And if they have a smoker who has cut their smoking in half, they will praise that patient. And if on a national scale obesity levels dropped by half, it would be cause for […]

FCTC: Constructing a new assault on smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes: Part 4: or taxing the way to prohibition

This the fourth of a series on this latest development at the FCTC. See Part1: Background, Part2, and Part3 This is the last worrying of this sad, and sadly influential, document. This document which lists off various risks of the use of smokeless tobacco (ST) without differentiation among types, does so, only to make an […]