You were there! At the birth of a new anti-tobacco catchphrase!

Canadian NDP parliamentarian Megan Leslie probably had a few people in the corridors of various anti-smoking group offices hooping and hollering and giving the high fives when they read about what will surely be gleefully repeated whenever possible for the next while..

cancer shouldn’t come in candy flavours

She uttered these fateful words while she was publicizing her quest to make sure that Canadian smokers who are already denied electronic cigarettes will also have no access to flavoured smokeless tobacco (which in the real world translates to most of the good smokeless tobacco). (See the actual bill here.)

She actually got the phrase from a group called Flavour..GONE.

A small group of university students gathered on Parliament Hill Tuesday to demand MPs ban flavoured smokeless tobacco.

The group says the products are aimed at youth.

“When you have stuff like strawberry-kiwi going on, it’s kind of hard for youth not to be sort of interested in the taste,” youth advocate James McInerney said. “There is a lot of kids starting to chew it, and its starting to get scary.”

If someone at the group did the research they would realize that most of these new products are not chewed so it is more likely that the kids they saw were chewing one of the many fruit-flavoured forms of Nicorette.

I know I am making this sound funny however it is anything but. To many people that phrase will not sound ludicrous and will rally support to the anti-flavour cause. Few will notice that it expresses the very opposite of what the case is, that flavoured smokeless products are in fact a means to reducing the rate of smoking related cancer.

For other comments on this particular occurrence and on the packaging of these as well see Standfast.

You know if cancer shouldn’t come in candy flavours then

salmonella shouldn’t come in tomato flavour

concussions shouldn’t feel like skating fast for the puck to score the game-winning goal

skin cancer shouldn’t feel like a tropical holiday

STIs and unwanted pregnancy shouldn’t feel like love

by Paul L. Bergen

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