Third hand smoke: should we bother?

Once again third hand smoke has reared its pea brain head and once again we all rise to the bait. (See recent postings by Michael Siegel, Christopher Snowden, and myself). Not so much the challenge since the challenge is not the concept or the science, which are laughable, but the iteration through the culture.

Were it not for the acceptance of this nonsense among so many, and the attraction it seems to hold for media outlets, it would be like bothering to debate flat earthers. Or like trying to debate John Banzhaf as if he was a reasonable man.

But as Siegel points out, this bad science has the real world effect of affecting policies which could be quite harmful. And for that reason, we have to keep on it even though through the argument it may seem as though the whole concept is stronger than it really is.

Perhaps we really should be promoting ASH-US, the anti-humanist ravings of Banzhaf, and all this third hand smoke garbage as a means to bring home to the average person how absurd the anti-smoking movement has become, and how if we want to move forward on addressing tobacco related health issues, they must be seen for the anti-health extremists that they are.


5 thoughts on “Third hand smoke: should we bother?

  1. I think the whole third hand smoking craze ties in with the more general problem of chemophobia, which seems to be rampant right now. Any complicated-sounding chemical is feared (which pretty much includes everything if you use a chemical name instead of a common name), probably because of a lack of understanding of toxicology and epidemiology. The third hand smoke folks are just cashing in on this fear.

  2. Good point. And as we’ve discussed before..with current technology you can find small traces of so many things but what the tools do not tell you is whether it can actually have an effect.

  3. ‘Tobacco smoke residues’ appears to be the brainchild of James Repace. Kimball Physics has had a ‘residue-based’ antismoking policy (influenced by Repace) – with no coherent foundation – since 1993. (see later posts in Michael Siegel’s current thread for links).

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    “Smoking is bad for you….Everyone should just quit”

    What business is it of yours? Do you understand the concepts of propaganda, brainwashing, and bigotry? You might want to look into these for your own benefit.

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